GT2 Timing pulley Aluminium

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GT2 Timing Pulley for RepRap, 3D Printer, CNC, Robotics and Automations. Pulley Type: GT2, Pitch 2mm, Bore dia: 5 mm, Belt Width : 6mm

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A Timing pulley is a wheel on an axle or shaft that is designed to support movement and change of direction of a belt along its circumference.

Timing Pulleys are used in a variety of ways to lift loads, apply forces, and to transmit power. In nautical contexts, the assembly of wheel, axle, and supporting shell is referred to as a block.

Pulleys are also assembled as part of belt and chain drives in order to transmit power from one rotating shaft to another.

Timing pulleys offer excellent precision at a great price , Timing Pully used for RepRap, 3D Printer, CNC, Robotics and Automations etc.

Part/Model NoShaft DiaPitchToothBelt WidthMaterial
20GT25 mm2 mm206 mmAluminium
30GT25 mm2 mm306 mmAluminium
40GT25 mm2 mm406 mmAluminium
60GT25 mm2 mm606 mmAluminium