12mm Shaft Support / Shaft Mount (SK12/SMA12)


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SK12, 12mm Linear Rail Shaft Support made of Aluminium and  Anodised surface finish, Shaft Support suitable for 5mm Diameter Shaft used in CNC, 3DPrinting applications

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Usable with any 12mm linear guide, you can simply slide the rail through, then tighten the clamp screw at the top to fix it in place. Then use up to 6mm diameter bolts to attach them. If you need to disassemble or otherwise repair your robot or machine, its easy to open up the clamp and remove the rail.

Model NumberSK12/SMA12
Surface FinishAnodised
Quantity per pack1
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ModelShaft Size
SK5/SMA55 mm
SK8/SMA88 mm
SK10/SMA1010 mm
SK12/SMA1212 mm
  • shaft support usually assemble with shaft to use
  • shaft support widely used in many precision equipment,like electronic equipment, tension tester and digital 3d coordinate measurement equipment etc.
  • shaft support widely used in many machines,like multi-axis machine, punch, tool grinding machine, automatic cutting machine, printer, card sorting machine, ShiPinBao installed the sliding parts such as industrial machinery
  • SK/SMA Shaft Support are Used in RepRap, 3D Printer, CNC for linear shaft and rails supporting.