Threaded Rod Set for RepRap Pursai3


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Threaded Rod Set for Pursai3

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Threaded Rod Set for Pursai3

A threaded rod is a metal rod with threads welded on or rolled out. The most commonly used type of threaded rod in a RepRap are size: M5, M8, M10 respectively 5mm, 8mm, 10mm in diameter.

Threaded Rods are usually used as a frame construction part and as a alternate to lead screws for the Z-axis.

Inside This Pack
Important Note

M5 Threaded Rod's will be slightly curved, this is due to very small diameter and length of the threaded rod.

Even though they are slightly curved, they are fully functional.

Don't try to straighten them hard tools like pliers or hammer, you may end up damaging the threads. Only use hand to straighten the rod.


If you need only one size or different length of threaded rod, then you can buy 850mm length and cut them as per your requirement.