M5 Allen Head / Socket Head Bolts

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M5 Allen Head Bolt also know as Socket Head Bolt, Socket cap screws are high-strength tension fasteners designed for clamping assemblies and are commonly used in tool and die fixture applications. Socket screws, also known as Allen head screws, are available in several head styles and materials. Used in many applications, socket screws are reliable and durable.

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Socket caps have a small cylindrical head with tall vertical sides

It has hexagonal socket in the head (internal-wrenching hexagon drive) which is used to drive the drive bolts and screws using a Hex Key or Allen Key.

Depending on the total length of bolt, tread length may vary.

To drive these types of bolt, you will need a Allen Key/Hex Key.

Like majority of screws and bolts are tightened by clockwise rotation, which is termed a right-hand thread; a common mnemonic device for remembering this when working with screws or bolts is "righty-tighty, lefty-loosey".

Comparison: Allen Head Bolt vs Hex Bolt vs Screws
  • Allen Head Bolt / Socket Head Bolts fasteners are very similar to hex bolts. But Allen Head Bolt and Hex Bolt have different head and need different tool
  • Allen Head Bolt / Socket Head Bolts are more accurate in tolerances than the corresponding normal hex bolts.
  • Reasonably, these fasteners might be referred to as bolts, but to distinguishing Bolts from Screws the Allen Head / Socket Head Bolts are classified as screws because of the tighter tolerance.
MaterialAlloy Steel
Material Grade12.9 Grade
Surface FinishWhite Nickel Plated or Black Oxide Finish
Available size

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Size [M]Total Length [L]Thread Length [T]Head Height [H]Head Dia [D]
M510 mm10 mm5mm8mm
M516 mm16 mm5mm8mm
M520 mm20 mm5mm8mm
M525 mm25 mm5mm8mm
M530 mm25 mm5mm8mm
M535 mm25 mm5mm8mm
M540 mm25 mm5mm8mm