4 Pin Flat Connector Molex Compatible


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Flat pin connector are used for connecting the Stepper Motors, Thermistors, End Stops to Controller Boards Like RAMPS, Rumba, PrintrBoard, etc ..

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Flat Pin connector are generally used to connect Microcontroller/Microprocessor boards to another similar boards or to a sensor and peripherals wiring.

The Flat connector is machine crimped and tested for reliable connection, the finished product is as show in picture

General NamesDupont Connector [or] Molex connectors [or] Flat Pin Connector
TypeFemale Connector
Total Length1 meter (1000 mm) [+/- 10mm]
Wire Gauge (AWG)28
Pin Spacing2.54mm
Specification and Wire Colour

Below are the standard colour, if you want different colour combination please contact our support team

Custom color combinations are subject to stock availability

ModelPin CountWire Colors
1P1Red [or] Black
2P2Red, Black
3P3Red, Green, Black
4P4Red, Blue, Green, Black
  • Interfacing Arduino/Raspberry Pi to Sensor and Peripherals
  • Connect Robot sensor to controllers
  • In RepRap and 3D Printer Connect Servo Motor / Stepper Motor to RAMPS, Rumba, PrintrBoard
  • Connecting Thermistors, End Stops to 3D Printer and CNC Controllers