PCB Heatbed MK2B

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Heatbed MK2a is currently the best construction of its kind on the market. The maximum temperature which can be reached is 120°C and the device heats up from 0°C to 100°C in 5 minutes at a low voltage of 12V. Heatbed MK2 is  indispensable when it comes to ABS printing but not only.

This PCB heated bed will transform your printing platform into a heated surface perfect for minimizing warping of larger prints as well as eliminating the need for a raft when printing with ABS.


Version : Heatbed MK2B

PCB Type : 2 layer, 35µm copper

Material : Laminate FR4 1.6 +/- 0.15mm

Resistance Between terminals : 1.0-1.8 ohm (12V) or 3-3.6 ohm (24V)

Input Voltage (V) : 12V/24V

Input Current (A) 10A min, (You will need a power supply with 15A output)

ABS temperature range* : 100-110°C

PLA temperature range* : 50-70°C

* These ranges of temperatures are indicative only, you'll have to test and see what works best for your printer/filament/hotend setup.


Active heated area : 200 mm x 200 mm

Center-to-center mounting holes : 209 mm (outside the active area)

Mounting Holes : 3mm

Total PCB size : 214 mm x 214 mm

Assembly Informations

When mounted only use the four corners, the inherent warp of the pcb can be a problem, hence it is better to use the cork mounting system below (as the piece of cork in the centre helps to keep the pcb flat).

The heatbed will not be perfect flat, hence a glass plate is highly recommended to provide a truly flat surface and rigidity. It is to simply place a square (200mm x 200mm) piece of glass on top of the heatbed, and affix it on the four sides with bulldog clips. The clips will not melt under pressure, and sufficiently hold the glass to the bed. This makes removal easier for cleaning as well.

Thermal insulation: It is recommended to insulate the underside of the heatbed in order to get a faster heat up time and a overall better thermal performance. For higher temperatures, an insulation might even be required.


The PCB heatbed has two sides, one with the copper traces (bottom side) and one without (top) Previously, printing on top side was considered to be safer as the copper traces could be damaged if the print head would collide with the heatbed surface (if for example the Z-min endstop malfunctioned).

So use a piece of glass is used as the print surface, it protects the PCB copper traces. However, make sure your heatbed mounting springs are not too strong to prevent damage to the glass in case of an accidental collision.

Caution Notice

The LED, resistor and wire connections are also liable to accidentally collide with the print head. Use only cables which can withstand at least 15A and are able to withstand the heat, lower current rating wires can easily catch fire.

Wiring/Connecting Heatbed wire polarity incorrectly may result in permanent damage to the components or to board itself. Be sure to cover the solder joints with insulating heat resistant tape (for example Kapton Tape). You will need at least 15A Power supply to heat the heatbed up to 100C.


Heatbed Troubleshooting Guide for RepRap and 3DPrinter

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