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Nut or Hex Nuts are Hexagonal shaped [6 sides] nut with internal screwthread.A nut is a type of fastener with a threaded hole.Nuts are almost always used opposite a mating bolt to fasten a stack of parts together.

The two partners are kept together by a combination of their threads friction, a slight stretch of the bolt, and compression of the parts. In applications where vibration or rotation may work a nut loose, various locking mechanisms may be employed: Adhesives, safety pins or lockwire, nylon inserts, or slightly oval-shaped threads.

The most common shape is hexagonal [6 sides] give a good granularity of angles for a tool to approach and also smaller corners would be vulnerable to being rounded off. It takes only 1/6th of a rotation to obtain the next side of the hexagon and grip is optimal.


Standard : Metric

Material : Alloy Steel

Surface Finish : Black Oxide Finish or Zinc Plated


* All Dimensions are in mm

Size [M] Width Across Flats [F] Width Across Corners [C] Thickness [T]
M2 5 5 1
M2.5 5 5 1
M3 6 7 2
M4 7 8 3
M5 8 9 4
M6 10 11 5
M8 13 15 6
M10 16 18 8
M12 19 21 10

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