M8 Set Screw / Grub Screw

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A Grub Screw/set screw is a type of screw generally used to secure an object within or against another object. Grub Screw also called a set screw.

Set screws are usually headless (also called blind)meaning that the screw is fully threaded and has no head projecting past the major diameter of the screw thread.

A hex key or Allen key is a tool of hexagonal cross-section used to drive bolts and screws that have a hexagonal socket in the head (internal-wrenching hexagon drive).

The most common examples are securing a pulley or gear to a shaft.


Part/Model No: Allen Grub Screw/set screw

Material: Alloy steel

Material Grade: 12.9 Grade

Colour: Black

Surface finished: Black Oxide

Head Style: Standard Socket

Drive Style: Hex Socket

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