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India Post
Professional Couriers


  • Order Dispatching Days: We ship throughout the week, except Sunday, public and regional holidays.
  • Time to delivery: will not give guarantee for time of delivery
  • Time to dispatch: Normally in stock items are dispatched within 1-2 working days.
  • Some products may have special lead time, So kindly go through the products information page before you place order.
  • "Time to dispatch" does not include the time to deliver to you (Time to delivery) by logistics service provider.
  • To ensure that your order reaches you in good condition, in the shortest span of time, we ship through reputed courier agencies only
  • By default we will ship products via reputed couriers like FedEx, DTDC, Professional.
  • If there is no courier service available in your area, we will ship your items via India Posts Registered parcel service.

Products damaged during shipment

  • Please email Customer Service right away.
  • Include a description of the damages, and pictures if at all possible. This information is very helpful to us in assessing how we package our orders and helps prevent similar problems in the future.
  • We’ll get replacements for the damaged goods out to you right away.

Entire parcel is damaged during shipment

  • If the parcel is damaged during shipment or if the packaging is tampered with or damaged before delivery, please refuse to accept the package and return the package to the delivery person and contact customer care mentioning your Order ID. We will personally ensure that a brand new replacement is issued to you with no additional cost.

Serviceable locations

  • We only ship to Indian subcontinent
  • As long as your pincode is serviceable by any of logistics service provider we will ship to you

Refuse to Sell

We may refuse to sell products to you for any of below reasons

  • If our logistics service provider refused to delivery to your location
  • Restriction by law and order
  • Natural disaster, terror threat, riots, etc..
  • If we suspect that you may be building something which is prohibited by law of the nation

In any of the above cases, we will inform you the same and initiate a complete refund ( your bank may charge some fee)

Shipping Charge

  • The shipping charge is specified separately for every product.
  • For multiple products ordered the software adds up the total of all individual shipping charges. Thus, a customer who orders three products is charged the total of all individual delivery charges associated with each product.
  • Volumetric price will be applied when shipment weight is less but the size is big. (Example a cotton pillow may weight less, it occupies more space in the container)

Shipping Forms


  1. From time to time, the government policy may change, as per the new changes in the policies new documents will be requested during deliver by shipping/logistics/courier company.
  2. Buyers are needed to collect the forms as mentioned below, from the sales tax office and complete the formality to receive the product.

S No List of destination State Type of statutory Levy Who is liable/ can pay statutory levy Road permit /paperwork requirement Domestic paperwork exemption limit (INR) State VAT website
1 Andhra Pradesh Nil - Shipper Invoice Nil
2 Andaman and Nicobar Nil - Shipper Invoice Nil
3 Arunachal Pradesh Entry Tax Consignee CI DG -01 (TPT doc) <10,000
4 Assam Entry Tax Consignee CI Form 62 <20,000
5 Bihar VAT Consignee CI Form D IX- Online Nil
6 Chandigarh Nil Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
7 Chhattisgarh Nil Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
8 Dadra and Nager Haveli Nil Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
9 Daman and Diu Nil Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
10 Delhi Nil Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
11 Goa Nil Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
12 Gujarat Nil Nil CI Form 403 Nil
13 Haryana Nil Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
14 Himachal Pradesh Entry Tax Consignee / Carrier Shipper Invoice Nil
15 Jammu and Kashmir Entry Tax Consignee / Carrier Shipper Invoice <5,000
16 Jharkhand Nil Nil CI Form 502 Nil
17 Karnataka Nil Nil Invoice & Declaration Nil
18 Kerala Nil Nil CI Form 16 <5,000
19 Lakshadweep Nil Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
20 Madhya Pradesh Nil Nil CI VAT Form 50-Online Nil
21 Maharashtra Octroi Carrier Nil <150
22 Manipur Nil Nil CI VAT Form 37 Nil
23 Meghalaya VAT Form 40 Nil CI Special Permit Nil
24 Mizoram Nil Nil CI VAT Form 34 Nil
25 Nagaland Nil Nil CI VAT Form 23 Nil
26 Orissa Entry Tax* Consignee Shipper Invoice Nil
27 Pondicherry - Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
28 Punjab Entry Tax* Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
29 Rajasthan Entry Tax* Consignee CI Declaration Nil
30 Sikkim Nil Nil CI VAT 26 Nil
31 Tamil Nadu Nil Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
32 Tripura Nil Nil CI VAT permit Nil
33 Telangana Nil Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
34 Uttar Pradesh Nil Nil CI VAT Form 39 <5,000
35 Uttrakhand Nil Nil CI Vat Form 17 <5,000
36 West Bengal Entry Tax* Carrier Shipper Invoice Nil

State and Regional Entry Taxes

Some states or region has their own tax called entry tax. This tax will be either collected by the logistics commpany at the time of deliver or it has to be paid in advance. Depending on the type of payment we may ask for addition tax charge the payment before shipping.

When shipped via Private couriers like FedEx, Bluedart, etc., below are the Entry tax details for various states. This task can be avoided when you select India Post for shipping.

S No State/Region Tax
1 Mumbai Octroi 5.5%
2 Pune, Aurangabad LBT 2% to 5.5%- LBT Registration compulsory
3 West Bengal 1% of invoice value. Form 50 electronically filled to be given
4 Orrisa 5% of invoice value. Online Tax to be paid and receipt of the same shall be handover to courier boy at the time of pickup.
5 Assam 3% to 5% of invoice value
6 Madhya Pradesh Form 49 electronically downloaded from the MP tax website
7 Gujarat Form 403/402 to be given
8 Kerela KVAT
9 Uttar Pradesh Form 39 duly signed by UP tax officials to be given at the time of pickup
10 Rajasthan 5.5% Entry Tax on Invoice value
11 Delhi Form T2 to be provided by the company/consignee in case of B2B parcel
12 Punjab Rs. 15 per shipment shall be charged by the Punjab govt
13 Bihar 2% and 16% Entry Tax on Invoice Value
14 Jammu and Kashmir 14.5% Entry Tax and Form 58 when product value is more than Rs 5000.00
15 Uttarakhand 10% Entry Tax on Invoice value
16 Sikkim 1% Entry Tax on Invoice value