Q: Can you take customized order?

Due to limited resource, we DO NOT take customized order

Q: Can you do this project for me?

NO, We DO NOT undertake projects

Q: Is is possible to buy this products on behalf of us?

Sorry, We DO NOT

Order Cancellation

Q: Can I cancel a order ?

An order can only be canceled before dispatching.

An order cannot be canceled after dispatching, it can only be returned for refund.

Shipment and Logicstics

Q: Do you have your own logistics like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. ?

Short Answer is NO

e-Commerce is not our main business activity like Amazon or Flipkart. The goal of DIY-India.com is help the makers and hobbyists source the components and parts easier.

Q: What can ship via following modes?

  • India Post (Normal and Speed Post) for all India.
  • Professional Courier - for southern states like TN, KL, AP, TG, and KA

Q: How long does it takes for shipment to be delivered.

We post your order on your behalf via selected courier, post method. Since we don't have control over Post/courier, we don't know the exact time taken to deliver.

From our experience, the estimated approximate time to deliver are here

  • 1-3 day for metros Metro's
  • 4-5 days for Tier 2 cities (like Bangalore, Hyderabad etc.).
  • 5-10 days for Tire 3 cites
  • 15+ days for Villages, Small Towns, North East India and Remote locations

Q: What to do if the products is not delivered ?

You need to raise the complaint directly with India post/Courier. We will do our best to help you.

Q: I have selected speed post, but still not delivered?

As we have said already, we cannot guarantee the exact time taken to deliver the order.

Q: The order is not delivered within motioned time during order.

The time are approximate, the exact time may differ due to may factor, like climate, location, etc.,

Q: I need the product URGENTLY, can the delivery be speedup?

No, If you need something urgent, please DO NOT order it on DIY-India.com, better buy from local shop.

Q: How to register complain with India post

The details instruction for filing a complaint with India post can be found here