M5 Threaded Rod

M5 Threaded Rod

SKU ID: ASA-TR-M05-850
  • ₹ 169.00

M5 Threaded rod is fully threaded along its length. The zinc plating resists corrosion and has a reflective appearance. Threaded rod is a low cost alternative to lead screw and ball screw.


  • M5 Threaded Rods are have very small dia (less than 5 mm) hence they will be slightly curved.
  • Since due to small dia they can be easily bend during transport. So we limit the length to 850 mm.
  • As long as the threads are not damaged, they can be used. minor bends can be straightened.
  • If you want more perfect straight threaded rods, then you should go for precision ball screws / lead screws.

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