Solid V Wheel

  • ₹ 128.00

The Solid V Wheel is a strong wheel that resists deflection due to its solid nature. Solid V Wheel is suitable for builds where heavier loads are required and less compression in the delrin is desired. Many of these wheels could be added to a gantry to allow an even distribution of the load across them.

Solid V Wheel has improved performance of the belt and pinion system to give the belt a flat surface to ride on. these wheels are manufactured to have precision and tolerance.


Color: Black

Material: Delrin

Product Contents

Part Name Quantity
Solid V Wheel 1
Ball bearings 625 - 2RS 2
Precision Shim 1
Aluminium spacer - 6.35mm 1
Button Head Socket screw M5 x 25mm 1
M5 Nylon Lock Nut 1

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